Necklace Display Stand, Rectangle with Notches Bust - INSTANT Digital Download

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Our rectangle necklace display bust design is the perfect way to showcase necklaces and jewelry pieces wonderfully and stunningly. Use to display your handmade and handcrafted necklaces. The tiered attachment on the backside provides an ingenious way of keeping your pieces from sliding down the front of the display. Just place the chain or cord into a slot on the back, and you're all set!

Your products will shine in life-size scale in your marketing and product photography, or use to bring attention to your fabulous designs in your craft booth. The stepped notch design allows for several pieces to be displayed at one time. You can even add a set of earrings to the top edge, or sides, to show full product sets! The simple, yet classic design is perfect for boutiques, trade shows, craft booths and more! Get creative and brand your piece with paint or laser your brand right onto the bust before cutting.

This display bust is perfect for trade shows, businesses, storefront displays, professional and casual use, for presenting and displaying your favorite necklaces or chains. Our simple, yet functional design will be durable and lightweight. This display can hold 1-2 necklaces and makes them easily accessible to you and your customers.

Jewelry Holder, Jewelry Stand, Necklace Holder, Necklace Display, Jewelry Display, Earring Display

Unisex: Men's, Women's
Approximate size: 8" x 11.8"

Please note, the slots in the "feet"are designed for non-Proofgrade, 1/8" baltic birch wood that is not taped on either side. You will need to adjust accordingly based on the thickness of the materials you are using.

The Glowforge laser settings we used to cut the sample in the photo are:

  • Material Setting: Medium Basswood Plywood
  • Cut Setting: 165/Full

Our custom SVG laser files are available for instant download and are specifically formatted for Glowforge laser cutters, but can be used in other laser cutters as well. Due to differences with laser hardware and software, we recommend you always test before moving to your final materials. We cannot be responsible for errors in production or end-user settings.

Please read individual file descriptions as some files are formatted for specific materials. You may need to make adjustments depending on the materials and thickness for your individual project.

  • YES! - You MAY use the files to create objects for resale. Use to cut and create as many physical projects as you wish!
  • NOPE! - You MAY NOT sell, distribute, share, publish, etc., the digital file beyond the single license purchase.
  • Please note, we cannot accept any returns for digital downloads. All sales are final.
  • No physical item will be shipped with digital file downloads.
  • One zipped file, and link for download, will be supplied at the time of purchase.
  • File types provided are vector: SVG, PDF, EPS (Adobe Illustrator 6)
  • You do not need to provide attribution to Camille Woodward Art & Design.
  • Final files will not include "Camille Woodward Art & Design" logo, web address or logo watermark.
  • Camille Woodward Art & Design retains all copyrights to the digital files and designs.
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