About Camille Woodward

Camille Woodward standing in front of pottery booth tent at a festival.
I am a native Texan, dog lover, cat lover, outdoor enthusiast, graphic artist and fine artist. I have a passion for self-expression, for creating beauty, and appreciating the wonders of the natural world. I’m trained in fine art (painting, drawing) and have over 20 years of experience with graphic design.
In 2020, when COVID hit, I decided to dabble in ceramics and pottery again. I had only taken one pottery class back in Junior College in the 90’s and hadn’t touched clay since! I’ve had such an exciting pottery journey since then. I’m able to incorporate many artistic interests into creating art with one medium; working with my hands, problem solving, and painting and drawing. I look forward to growing my skill-set with this medium and seeing where my ideas take me.
Currently, my focus is nature-inspired functional pottery, handmade and handcrafted wearable art, fine art, and lifestyle goods – all made locally in Austin, TX.