DRINK DEFENDER (TM) - Wine, Beer, Cocktail, and Beverage Cover

DRINK DEFENDER (TM), Protect Your Pour (TM) - Our breathable beverage cover is great for outdoor patios, boats, and anywhere winged freeloaders try to crash your happy hour! Keep bugs out of your wine, beer, and cocktails while still allowing your beverage to breathe. 

Made from durable acrylic, DRINK DEFENDER (TM) will keep protecting your pour for the duration of the party. Featuring a 4" diameter, 1/8" thick, perforated cover, most beverage containers can be covered and protected. Your wine glass will be protected by a soft foam padding on the underside. 

Make your beverage a no-fly zone! Purchase your DRINK DEFENDER (TM) today, and Protect Your Pour (TM).

Additional colors and designs coming soon!