About Camille Woodward



Camille Woodward: Fine Artist, Digital Designer, and General Curious Experimental DIYer...

I'm a creative designer and fine artist. I enjoy working with my hands and problem solving. Seeing a project come to fruition from concept to completion is very satisfying. I'm constantly exploring new media and like to get my hands dirty. I get bored easily, so my interests tend to reflect a broad spectrum of media and unique avenues of expression. 

I enjoy the outdoors, spending time with my family and my pets, and finding projects to fix-up around the house. Staying creative is essential for my soul. Whether through digital creation, art direction and graphic design, or traditional hands-on fine art projects, this is where my passion and my heart reside. 

For artists, creating and artistsic expression is like breathing. I am in constant pursuit of new ways to express all of the ideas in my head. I have a passion for creativity that grows stronger every day! Art = life!