Sugar Skull Altar #1 - "Love, Life, Death, and Transformation"

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💀🖤 Sugar Skull Altar # 1 - "Love, Life, Death, and Transformation" - 10.75" x 10.75" x 2.625".

The first altar in my sugar skull series represents the personal and professional changes I'm currently experiencing. My love of art, death of a career, new life as a full-time artist (and seeing how far it will take me along my new journey), and the transformation to my true self that's taken many years to gain the confidence and freedom to achieve, are all represented in this colorful piece.

Made with handmade wood cradle, handmade copper folded and hand-stamped plate, laser cut hand-painted and hand-tooled sugar skull, lasered butterfly image on stone (from a photo I took of a butterfly emerging and drying from the chrysalis), baling wire, encaustics, and stone.

My mixed media series of mini altars represents many of my internal desires, affinities, personal growth direction, and life goals.

I am currently experiencing a great deal of change personally and professionally. I chose to incorporate sugar skulls as a way to focus on personal reflection, as well as a symbol to look forward to positivity and transformation.

For me, the sugar skulls represent facets of my spirituality and personality, and are not intended to be associated with any organized religion. They also represent reflection on the past and allow me to invite new experiences.

Artist retains all copyright.