Agave Bloom - Copper

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“Agave Bloom - Copper” - 10” x 10” x 3/4”

This agave painting was inspired by a photo of a blooming agave I took in Austin, TX. These plants are striking. The leaves have a leathery waxy feel, and terminate with a blue/black pointed tip (very sharp!). Each leaf roll outs from the center and the pattern imprint of the previous leaf can be seen on the surface, resulting in very interesting and unique plants. Each plant blooms once and then dies. The blooms last for a few months, before the plant succumbs entirely. It is also called the century plant, and is used to make tequila! I love these desert beauties! 

The agave design in the center is an acid etched copper plate piece I created. I've aged the copper with ammonia and salt, resulting in a beautiful verdigris patina.

The cradle frame is painted with encaustic paints and pan pastels. I mounted the copper panel to the cradle board with copper nails. The copper weathers beautifully with time, and is a compliment to the verdigris green coloring on the frame. Turquoise and copper are symbolic of the desert southwest, where these majestic plants can be found.

Artist retains all copyright.